The Distributed Sensing Systems Laboratory (DSS) is a research group with the systems subgroup of the Electrical Engineering department of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Our main objective is to develop and implement new systems, sensing paradigms and computational methods to address important societal problems.

Current research activities in smart cities include:
  • Design of wireless sensor networks for smart city applications, in particular traffic monitoring and urban flood detection
  • Energy estimation and optimization in self-powered wireless sensor networks (routing, task scheduling, energy parameter estimation and forecast)
  • High performance computational platforms for distributed computing in sensor networks
Current research activities in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) include:
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles for flood monitoring using Lagrangian microsensors
  • Airflow sensing/estimation in UAVs
  • Viability/reachability for optimal control of UAVs
Current research activities in control and estimation of distributed parameter systems include:

  • MILP-based estimation of networked systems of scalar hyperbolic conservation laws (for traffic flow applications)
  • Robust control of networked systems of scalar hyperbolic conservation laws
  • Privacy and cybersecurity in probe-based traffic monitoring systems